E-motion - Healing the Inner Child

Unique teachings transformed into a brand-new seminar - a 100% functional combination of trauma yoga, breathing exercises, guided shaking, beneficial neurogenic shaking, biohacks for the nervous system, guided meditations, visualizations and advanced bodywork techniques complemented by re-parenting experience.

The seminar is intended for: you and your lost inner child!

The seminar is simultaneously interpreted into Slovak.

Join us for two and a half days of incredible freedom and rejuvenation!

Reset your life and start with your childhood! Eliminate the childhood traumas that keep you small.

During this deeply healing 2.5-day seminar, Dorothe Trassl, the expert in trauma healing and body therapy, the creator of the unique E-motion concept, will guide you through exceptional techniques aimed at releasing developmental traumas that are stored deep within our bodies and nervous systems. Discover why you have abandoned your inner child and settled into your particular role or ego in your adult life. Understand why you have difficulty feeling or feel, behave and form relationships according to certain patterns. Experience a whole new way of healing that uproots deep seated cellular memories, embedded traumas, wounds and neglect that you never had access to before!

Discover the wounds of the little child inside of you. Give them what they never received. Release their pain. Heal, love, nourish and re-parent your inner child and allow them to grow. Find access to your true, creative, passionate, loving, spontaneous, joyful Self.

Find your own code again, the expression of your true self in the light of radiant unlimited potential!

It is never too late for a happy childhood!!!

  • If you are aware that you react in an automatic unhealthy way - something gets triggered in you – and you don't know what to do...
  • If it is your desire to find yourself and fulfilled relationships ...
  • If you want to support your body in releasing even the deepest emotional blocks and traumas ...
... this amazing workshop offers you a physically gentle but incredibly effective release of the memories, emotions and emotional neglect that we all have lodged deep within our bodies.

Safe for any body at any age, in any shape and any physical condition.

Workshop benefits:

  • Focuses on deeply hidden yet absolutely bearing life-long pervasive childhood emotional neglect and developmental trauma.
  • It clears the cellular consciousness of childhood emotional, physical and psychological trauma, wounds, pain and emptiness.
  • You fill the emptiness inside with an abundance of love, joy and connection. You make up for the time you felt unseen, unheard, unloved, without feeling the arms to hold you, without hands to guide you, protect you, or care for you in the way you would have needed.
  • You will release the armor you have built around your inner child to protect yourself from a hostile world, lack of love, or too much pain. You will connect with the innocence, creativity and trust within you in a deep and healthy way.
  • You will discover how gracefully you can support your healing through processes that include movement, neurogenic shaking, trembling, touch, and the return of parental love and care.

How will you feel after the workshop?

  • Radical emotional, physical and relational healing
  • A deep connection to your true self, abundance, creativity, joy and passion
  • Feeling a deep loving connection with yourself and others
  • Release of emotional neglect you didn't know you had - no more having to "draw from a void"!
  • Your relationships will radically change for the better, leaving you deeply fulfilled and joyful