E-Motion Feelgood Retreat Lipno

Holistic Healing with Dorothe, experience this amazing 5 days retreat.

Join us on a transformational journey to holistic health and emotional well-being. In the peaceful embrace of nature, our stay offers a refuge for your mind, body and soul. Whether you are looking for relaxation or a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions, we have prepared a space for self-discovery, balance and healing.

This retreat is for: anyone who needs to relax, recharge and experience Dorothe's unique work in a beautiful environment. No level of health, age or fitness is required. Some experience of E-motion seminars is helpful but not essential.
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Take some time for yourself, join us with Dorothe for this unique experience!

Our nervous system is wired to keep us alive, especially in adverse circumstances.
Without knowing and with almost no awareness thereof, we all create a persona (separate from our true self) we present to the world to keep our little selves safe. We organize our thinking, feeling, and behaviours in ways that worked for us decades ago, and with every repetition of these patterns and with the ‘successes of survival, we strengthen these neurological pathways. Our nervous system, our emotionality and even our bodies physically get shaped by our experiences and our patterns of survival. All this doesn’t happen on the level of the thinking mind but much deeper, in our autonomous nervous system and the older parts of our brain.

Gradually, our healthy instincts are disturbed. Instead of mobilizing energy, expressing, acting and dealing with situations and then re-regulating to end the stress response. Very often we get stuck in suppressed energy, emotions, a state of mobilization. Stuck in fight/flight/heal or freeze. We are unable to move healthily and fluidly between different states. Without recovery, our nervous system becomes stuck and reacts to incoming stressors with an excessive fight/flight/heal/freeze response.

Shame is often used as a coping strategy to dampen down our emotions. Although shame and a strong inner critic may inhibit some energy and emotions, it also shuts off all the healthy and appropriate emotions and energies that have a similar flavour. Suppressing anger for example also robs us from life force, healthy boundaries, power, strength, purpose, mastery. It can get us stuck in apathy, flatness, burn-out and depression.

Exercising and training our nervous system and the body mind to unlearn automatic responses like shut-down, freeze, dissociation, shame, suppression, denial, projection and opening to an authentic flow of energy and emotionality heals your nervous system and body mind and helps re-calibrate your complete system.

Benefits of the retreat:

  • You will gain the strength and wisdom to gently bring yourself back into regulation and stop feeling like you have an inner volcano of energy and emotions slumbering over which you have no control.
  • You will tune into the wisdom of your body and its signals (emotions and sensations) and create an autonomous awareness that helps you use sensations and emotions to make healthy and wise decisions that are in your own best interest.
  • You can tap into all that beautiful life force and energy TODAY when your body and nervous system stop trying to deal with the threat from your past.
  • You will learn to regulate from the bottom up (from below, from the body, not from above, from the mind), which includes regulating (as well as resetting) your nervous system.
  • You will learn to work with the body to release old stress activation.
  • A survival brain learns new ways to respond to stressors. It may stop reacting the way it used to during times of chronic and traumatic stress from your past and start reacting to what is happening today.

Suppressing your emotions increases nervous system dysregulation. It can lead to chronic shut-down, freeze and even burn-out.

Regulating doesn’t mean you will never have any feelings or feel frustrated, sad or scared. It means you can include and hold those powerful feelings and even befriend them.

This is how you integrate the stress responses from earlier years. And this is how the residue of past trauma is integrated and you return to wholeness, bliss, freedom.

You stop being a puppet of your trauma and start living life to the fullest.

How you will feel after the retreat:

  • You will start living a life you will love!
  • You stop being a victim of your traumas. You will reconnect with your body and find oneness, love, safety and freedom.
  • Your mind will calm down and your body will finally be happy and healthy.

What you can expect:

  • We will review and deepen our knowledge about the nervous system, which is the biggest victim of trauma, we will talk about trauma cycles, the vicious circle of trauma and healing. About the difference between shock trauma and developmental trauma and what happens to the body and nervous system.
  • We will look at the effects of trauma and trauma healing.
  • You will get to know different personalities from the point of view of physicality, breathing, energy, use of life force, body, thinking, feeling as well as from the point of view of patterns and preferences of the nervous system and we will talk about what helps them in deeper processing and relaxation. You will begin to be aware of the different states of your nervous system and the system of your surroundings, you will discover how you can effectively regulate yourself and others.
  • We will notice the differences in the response patterns we see in ourselves and others and explore various therapeutic interventions in the form of touch and movement. We will become more aware of physical signals and micro-movements of muscles and talk about how we can use this in processing trauma.
  • We try different re-regulation techniques and 'teach' our nervous system to respond in a different way before our trauma response takes effect.
  • We will dive even deeper into the importance of touch and movement in processing trauma.
  • You will experience "floating", a unique technique of buoyancy in the pool with support, thanks to which you will experience relaxation, rebirth, letting go of emotions in a very effective and simple way.
  • Every day you will have space to relax in the sauna world, the pool, the beautiful nature of Lipno, massages, specialized individual therapies with Dorothe and the therapeutic team, or in conversations with like-minded people.

We focus on processing trauma in the same way for everyone: we maintain a balance between processing our own experience and helping the other person.

Frequently asked questions:

In what language is the retreat?

Retreat is done in English. There is translation into other languages available. For more info email us to info@brandonbays.sk

Where is the retreat happening?

The retreat will be in beautiful part of Czech republic, Lipno area, known for its amazing nature surroundings – more about this special place you can find here: https://lipno.amenity.cz/en/

Is the price of accommodation and meals included in the price of the stay?

No, accommodation and meals are not included in the price of the stay. However, we have agreed a special deal with the hotel for a stay package that includes accommodation and meals for the entire seminar for EUR 546.

After registering for your stay, we will send you information on how to book a stay package in the Lipno resort at our special price.

How long is the retreat?

The retreat starts on Tuesday with dinner and finish on Sunday around 4pm.

What if i feel like i need to join but i don’t have the money for it?

If you feel called, please contact us and we will find way how to support each of you. We offer instalment payment.

Is this seminar for everyone?

This stay is intended for anyone who needs to relax, recharge and experience Dorothe's unique work in a beautiful environment. No level of health, age or fitness is required. Some experience of E-motion seminars is helpful but not essential.

Will transportation be provided?

If you are interested in sharing the journey with other participants, please contact us. In the event that you arrive for your stay by air and need to arrange a transfer, contact us at alenka@brandonbays.sk.

You can fly to Prague (2,5 hours from the venue) or Vienna (3 hours from the venue) or Bratislava (4 hours from the venue) and we can help you with arranging taxi or shared transport to the venue.

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